Housing Need

The Isle of Wight Core Strategy (adopted 2012) seeks to deliver 8,320 new homes on the island over the period of 2011-2027. This is an average of 520 new homes each year.

The Crossways Road site is sustainably located and within the Medina Valley Key Regeneration Area. In this Regeneration Area, the Core Strategy seeks for 1,350 new homes to be built by 2027.

The site is identified in the Isle of Wight Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) 2018 as a deliverable developable site for housing (Site Ref: IPS200 – Land at Crossway). The SHLAA forecasts the site to begin delivering new homes from 2020/21 onwards.

Over the past seven years, the Isle of Wight has continually failed to deliver its planned housing numbers. Over the past seven years, on average, the Isle of Wight has only delivered 75% of its required 520 new homes each year. The Council’s Five Year Housing Supply Update 2018 confirms that over the period 1 April 2011 – 31 March 3018, there has been a significant shortfall totalling 1637 dwellings.

There has also been substantial low levels of affordable homes provided on the Island over the same period.

The Crossways scheme has the opportunity to significantly contribute to the Isle of Wight’s housing needs by delivering 154 new homes with gardens. The site is sustainably located adjacent to existing dwellings, services and a local school. The site will also provide a policy-compliant level of Affordable Housing, providing 54 discount market affordable rented homes.

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