It is proposed that the site is accessed from three locations. The first is the main primary access on to A3021 Whippingham Road at the eastern boundary of the site which would be in the form of a new priority ghost island junction. Secondary priority junction access points are proposed at the northern and western boundaries on Crossways Road and Beatrice Avenue respectively.

Transport Assessment

To ensure that the proposed residential development is fully assessed in terms of its highways impact a Transport Assessment (TA) is being prepared to accompany the planning application for the site.

To ensure that the proposals assess a ‘worst case’ scenario in terms of highways impact, any junction forecast to experience an increase of 30 or more trips during any peak hour is assessed in the TA. To determine the AM and PM peak hours, traffic counts have been undertaken on the highway network for a four hour period in the morning and evening at each junction.

These identified peak hours then have 5 years traffic growth added to them as well as the inclusion of traffic from any other sites with planning permission to create a ‘future’ year. Each junction is then assessed in the future year both with and without the development to determine the impact on the capacity, queuing and delay that is forecast to occur as a result of the development.

Any adverse impacts identified are then sought to be mitigated by the development proposal through suitable improvements to existing infrastructure at the developers expense.

Travel Plan

To maximise sustainable modes movements to and from the site, a comprehensive Travel Plan and Travel Planning Strategy will be developed for the site and implemented to the benefit of its potential residents to reduce private car based trips. An Interim Travel Plan will be prepared and submitted with the planning application which will implement a number of travel plan initiatives and measures, plus the setting of modal split / shift targets to work towards post occupation.